Urara Meirochou Episode #06

“Oh Romeo, where art thou Romeo?”

Here’s Koume Yukimi as she recites the famous quote from the heroine Juliet!

But we’re not talking about Shakespeare literature as it’s February, which means that it’s time for the girls to talk about love.

Of course, they’re here to find Nina-sensei’s soulmate as she’s having a hard time searching a suitable partner.

Using Koume’s trusty pendulum named Undulette, she point out Nina’s one true love…

…which is an anmitsu shop. Really Koume-chan, that’s your favorite things, not Nina-sensei’s!

Eventually, Koume’s pendant reached to this suspicious person who resembles Captain Saku. Hmm, something tells me that this person looked familiar…

Yeah, it turns out that it’s actually Saku-san so it’s not a surprise there!

But you know what, I think Nina-sensei’s soulmate might be Captain Saku after all… Then again, we’ll never know.

We’re going on to the next scene where the girls are playing Kokkuri-san, because it would be fun for Chiya-chan and the rest to ask a fox spirit some questions.

Of course, playing Kokkuri requires to have everyone put their index finger on the coin and don’t let it go during the ordeal.

Otherwise, the fox spirit would possess someone like this one where Kon Tatsumi became a victim.

Yeah, she’s gonna curse the rest for not respecting her or paying a tribute!

However, seems that Chiya doesn’t care as she tickles the fox spirit like an animal. After all, she grew up in the forest surrounded by various creatures such as foxes, bears, etc.

In any case, the fox spirit leaves and everything returned to normal. Well, it’s all thanks to Chiya “taming” Kokkuri-san but I’ll see you on the next episode!

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