Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode #06

Well, gotta say that last week’s episode was a slaughter-fest for Tanya’s mage battalion as they decimated Dakia.

But somewhere at Norden, things are looking grim for the Empire as the Entente Alliance are pushing them back!

In fact, they got some help from the Allied Kingdom and the Republic as both powers brought bombers into the northern Imperial territory.

And I would say that having airplanes, which can fly higher, are very crucial into the northern theater!

As you can see, the Imperial soldiers are getting shot as they couldn’t fire back at the bombers.

Sure that the Alliance have the advantage, but there’s one person who can match those bombers…

Yes, I’m talking about Major Tanya Degurechaff as this young mage can go OVER 9000 feet without feeling sick or passing out!

Normally, humans would throw up or black out upon reaching 10,000 feet. But since this is anime and Tanya is a powerful mage, there’s no problem with that!

Anyways, Major Degurechaff destroyed a bomber squadron by herself because Tanya wants to show how powerful she is!

And by the way, she doesn’t need reinforcement as Tanya and her battalion can take on the enemy by themselves!

On the other hand, Tanya encountered God (or should I say Being X) when she’s finding survivors and imprison them.

Then again, Tanya killed most of the Alliance’s pilots and gunners so there’s no reason to turn them into prisoners of war. But let’s go back to Being X…

…in which he possess this dead person, mocking Tanya that the entire world is against her for being a heretic.

Of all the things that Being X possess, taking this cadaver as a medium to convey his message to Tanya is very creepy (and disgusting)!

Oh well, if Tanya thinks that the world is against her, so be it as she vowed to destroy Being X. But even with all of her accomplishments, God’s intervention will try to trample Major Degurechaff!

With that said, I’ll see you next week as Tanya and her 203 air mage battalion will have a major offensive ahead.

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