Fuuka Episode #07

Oh look, it’s Yuu Haruna’s sisters who often walk around the house in their undies: Chitose and Hibiki Haruna.

But wait, we’re not gonna talk about them for the time being as they deliver the terrible news towards Yuu-kun!

See this picture circulating around Twitter? Well, some asshole took it and upload the picture across the web in order to create a negative buzz surrounding Koyuki Hinashi and her childhood friend Yuu Haruna.

Gotta say that it sure escalated quickly, but I feel that it’s their fault for being careless on meeting each other in public.

Heck, even Fuuka Akitsuki is angry that her band-mate Yuu-kun is meeting Koyuki-chan behind her back, making Fuuka a bit jealous towards him!

To be fair, both Yuu Haruna and Koyuki Hinashi are childhood friends but now they’re in different worlds. Still, I think Yuu should be brave against those haters as he and his mates will do their first performance in a few days!

And speaking of Koyuki Hinashi, she admits on a TV variety show that she’s meeting a childhood friend, not a boyfriend or anything.

Yes, Koyuki told everyone that Yuu-kun is just a friend… Except that she has unrequited love towards him, which is still worse that having a boyfriend!

On the other hand, some of the rabid fans went to Aoba High School to throw- I mean watch the band performance.

Okay, I lied about the watching part as they want Yuu-kun dead! Damn, their fandom might cause a riot inside the school grounds!

Anyways, the next episode will be D-Day for Fuuka Akitsuki and her band! Let’s hope that Yuu-kun will shut those haters up with his bass guitar skills!

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