Seiren Episode #06

So, let’s go to the second episode of Tooru Miyamae’s arc as while we’ll never know who that man is at the end of the previous episode, Tooru-sempai is spending time at the arcades with Shouichi Kamita.

And by the way, Shouichi is playing a bus simulation game called Bus-ko no Yabou, also known as Bubsy’s Ambition in English! Yeah, it’s similar to Taito’s Densha de Go!

On the other hand, seems that a certain heroine from a previous arc has returned. Yup, it’s Hikari Tsuneki and she’s here to challenge Tooru Miyamae in a game of GusGal!

Acting as a ringer to a snotty-nosed kid named Takeshi, Hikari has some history with Tooru-sempai since she’s a junior to Miyamae back in middle school.

Shouichi tried to diffuse the situation, but it’s no use at this point and thus got dragged into Tooru-sempai’s mess as her partner in GusGal.

But despite Kamita-kun being almost a dead-weight, Miyamae proves that she’s still the best that Tsuneki is speechless about her loss.

Well, that’s the end for Hikari-chan as she goes back to her part-time job! If only the ending of her story arc is better…

Anyways, that’s the end of this episode and I have to say that while Tooru Miyamae and Shouichi Kamita are spending time playing video games, I feel that they’re distant to each other for the time being.

Oh and to make matters worse, both of them won’t be visiting the arcades soon until the final exams are finished. They don’t want the disciplinary committee catching both Tooru-sempai and Shouichi-kun!

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