Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #07

Here’s Tamotsu Denkigai as he’s taking photos from an old instant camera. Yeah, Tamotsu is doing photography but he should be careful of taking pictures on various objects…

…or Tamotsu might wreck one as seen here. Take a guess on who owned this rare figure?

By the way, neither Arisa Ahokainen nor Matome Mayonaka have owned this Pudding Fighter figure.

It turns out that Tamotsu’s sister Niwaka who cherished this rare figure that she cried upon seeing it broken into pieces. Well, Tamotsu is such a jerk!

Of course, finding this rare figure is very hard, especially in online auctions where buyers (mostly high-rolling Arabs in which is a joke BTW) would bid them up to scare away customers including Tamotsu.

So, Tamotsu Denkigai applied at an izakaya where he works as a waiter while wearing a butler suit.

Well, I’m glad that he’s working his ass off so he could buy that rare Pudding Fighter figure for Niwaka!

Too bad that all he received is a pile of notes that says “Thank you!” instead of real cash.

Really Tamotsu, are you sure that you’re being paid handsomely after working very hard? I mean, the workplace might be shady and it’s more like a sweatshop than a proper business establishment!

Meanwhile, Niwaka Denkigai is worried about her brother in which Tamotsu hasn’t got any day-offs for more than a week.

As much as she wants her rare figure back in good condition, Niwaka still cares for Tamotsu-niichan.

And so, Niwaka and her friends went to Izakaya Gon-chan where she saw Tamotsu in a maid uniform.

Oh, and he looked so terrible that I felt pity towards him!

Therefore, Niwaka snapped him out with a baseball bat ’cause slapping Tamotsu wouldn’t work! I mean, serving customers without pay is not his dream as Tamotsu can do more things like photography, writing, etc.

Anyways, Tamotsu Denkigai got back to reality thanks to his sister. But wait a minute, where’s the manager who forced employees to work without compensation or salary?

Well, here he is and it turns out that it was a work of a Hazoku, where he attempts to rule Akihabara with cheap foods while disregarding workers’ condition since this guy is a stingy bastard!

Oh, and he took Niwaka hostage and threatened Tamotsu that if he’s stripped, so is Niwaka and he doesn’t want his sister’s naked body seen by everybody.

But don’t worry though as Tamotsu risked it all and make a quick strip against that stingy manager, all while wrapping Niwaka’s birthday suit with a maid uniform. Now that’s what a called supreme stripping!

Anyways, this Hazoku is finished and everything is back to normal… Well, except for the employees there in which they need to seek rehabilitation or they might die from overwork.

And there you have on this week’s episode as Tamotsu repaid her sister Niwaka with a rare Pudding Fighter figure!

And look, she’s delighted that Niwaka says “Thank you!” to her dear brother. Then again, he’s tired of hearing thank yous all the time after over-exerting himself without any salary.

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode and man, I wish Metrotica would get serious on taking over Akiba instead of sending small fries!

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