Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #06

Well, it looks like Aqua wants to stay indoors because it’s cold outside!

Then again, Megumin and Darkness-chan wants her out to their mansion, do daily quests, and- Wait, where’s Kazuma Satou?

Oh, he’s cooping up to a kotatsu and it’s nice to see various things being brought up from his country to this new world.

Of course, this kotatsu was actually re-created by someone else…

Someone like Vanir who has returned from the dead and now working at Wiz’s shop. Well, the truth is that Vanir got a spare mask and hence having the “II” on the forehead part.

In any case, I’m glad that some of the demon lord’s generals are turning a new leaf, but it’s sucks that Kazuma’s party couldn’t find the head honcho that’s terrorizing the world!

On the other hand, Kazuma got his own weapon straight from the forge. It’s a katana, Kazuma Satou’s favorite weapon of choice since he wants to evoke his Japanese spirit!

Then again, seems that it’s a bit long to wield that Kazuma couldn’t get out.

Um Kazuma, try holster your katana in a different position so you won’t get stuck in doors or something!

However, he told the blacksmith to shorten the length of his sword, making it more like a wakizashi than a true katana.

Also, Megumin called Kazuma’s sword as Chunchunmaru as he couldn’t come up with a cool name to his new weapon in time.

Now then, it’s time for another quest where Kazuma’s party might fight a pack of Lizard Runners.

Of course, the only way to defeat them is to take out the leader, which is this one right here called Princess Runner.

Since Kazuma is the “smartest” guy in the party, the only way to defeat the leader is by sniping the Princess Runner out.

And as you can see, Kazuma got a bull’s eye as the leader of the lizards is dead, leaving the whole pack in disarray!

Unfortunately for Kazuma Satou, he got slammed by the Princess Runner in which he fell to the ground…

…and suffered a fatal neck snap, leaving him dead on the spot. Well, that’s the second time (or third if you consider the OVA episode as canon) Kazuma Satou died on this series!

But hey, Kazuma got another chance to see Eris again before going back to Earth. I mean, he thinks that she’s a better goddess than Aqua because Eris is nice… or is it?

Just kidding, Eris is a good goddess and that’s why everyone praise her!

Anyways, Kazuma is back from the dead and all’s well that ends well as they finished today’s quest.

However, once Kazuma’s party has returned home, something terrible happened…

It turns out that someone wrote a sign on Kazuma’s body, saying that it’s the location of his holy sword Excalibur.

Yes, I’m referring to his penis and it appears that it was Megumin who did it!

As for his “holy sword”, seems that Aqua found out that it was short or unsheathed… or both! Yeah, she’s laughing on Kazuma’s penis.

Anyways, that’s about it for today’s episode!

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