Little Witch Academia Episode #06

This is Andrew Hanbridge, the son of the Ministry of State where he believes that magic is obsolete. So much that visiting Luna Nova is a waste of time.

And yet, everyone felt amazed at Lord Andrew’s arrival except for Diana Cavendish, which she didn’t care about his visit in Luna Nova. In fact, both Andrew Hanbridge and Diana Cavendish are childhood friends who don’t talk much.

Anyways, looks like Luna Nova is having a party! Unfortunately, there’s one person missing this banquet…

And that would be Atsuko Kagari where she must practice her transformation magic until Akko-chan perfected it.

Then again, her magic misfires that Akko transformed herself instead. That’s sucks for Kagari as she’s missing the action at the ballroom!

So, Akko sneak out from her room and went to the ballroom to see Andrew Hanbridge.

But then again, she changed her mind as Kagari decided to go to the rumored Fountain of Polaris where it’ll grant magic powers… or so it says.

However, Akko eventually got caught by the man in the hour himself Lord Andrew.

Of course, he doubted Akko about her magic abilities so she showed him a thing or two!

But instead, Akko showed one of her blunders to Lord Andrew by accidentally turn him into an animal.

Really Atsuko Kagari, you should have practiced more instead of making more trouble! Also, your Shiny Rod won’t turn him back because you can’t use it yet… except when there’s danger!

Anyways, Akko-chan went to the Fountain of Polaris together with Lord Andrew, ’cause it would be fun to have someone joining her misadventures for once!

Then again, seems that Akko’s visit to the rumored fountain isn’t promising as she and Andrew Hanbridge encountered this angry polar bear named Arcas.

Well, Atsuko Kagari and Andrew Hanbridge should run away right now…

Yeah, just like that as we’re treated to some awesome animation from Studio Trigger.

I mean, it’s just a chase scene and those nifty touches from the staff at Trigger made it smooth and dynamic!

But let’s go back to Akko and Lord Andrew as they’re being chased away by Arcas because they disturbed the polar bear’s slumber.

However, the polar bear pounced both Akko and Lord Andrew and started falling down to their doom. Well, it’s the end for both of them!

Fortunately, someone rescued Akko-chan, Lord Andrew, and Arcas from dropping to the ground. And by the way, it’s not Diana Cavendish…

…but rather this mysterious witch whose hair ins changed from red to blue.

On the other hand, seems that she looked like Ursula there!

Now then, both Atsuko Kagari and Andrew Hanbridge have finally reached the Fountain of Polaris. Let’s hope that the rumors of granting magic powers would be true!

And so, Akko went inside and what she saw was a magic orb. But instead of containing mana…

…the orb contains one of Shiny Chariot’s precious memories. Whether it’s good or bad, Shiny Chariot had a lot of fun as a witch!

Of course, it’s all in the past now and there would never be another witch like Shiny Chariot. Akko believe that she can become one but it’s too early for that!

Anyways, the Fountain of Polaris has vanished. I guess that the rumors of granting magic powers upon visiting there was a lie!

However, Professor Ursula told Atsuko Kagari that it wasn’t her time to visit the fountain yet.

Well, at least Ursula understands Akko-chan but until then, Kagari will have to train harder in order to visit the fountain once more and become like Shiny Chariot!

Also, Ursula brought Akko’s Shiny Rod back to her because she’ll need it in the future! That’s nice…

And lastly, the professor told both Akko and Lord Andrew that everything they saw at the fountain remains a secret. I guess she doesn’t want outsiders to see Shiny Chariot’s past or something!

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode for more misadventures of Atsuko Kagari and her road of becoming a witch!

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