ChäoS;Child Episode #06

Here’s Mio Kunosato as she’s concerned about Uki Yamazoe’s disappearance, as well as countless patients from the AH Tokyo General Hospital in which she wanted to check on their brains to see if they have significant changes.

However, it could be that most of the patients there are made up by Uki’s delusions. And also, Mio thinks that Uki Yamazoe could pose a threat to the world at large.

Speaking of Uki Yamazoe, she was found by Nono Kurusu and now Uki-chan will be staying at the Aoba Clinic for the time being.

Well, at least she’ll be treated well by Takuru Miyashiro and his family…

…especially Yui Tachibana where she knows Uki Yamazoe very well, as it turns out that they’re classmates before. On the other hand, it’s hinted that Uki Yamazoe’s growth has stopped because of the experiments that happened at AH Tokyo General Hospital.

Anyways, looks like Uki Yamazoe will feel right at home at the Aoba Clinic. Of course, danger still lurks around Shibuya as Takuru Miyashiro thinks that the pyrokinetic woman might be Senri Minamisawa.

And speaking of Minamisawa, she’s right here in front of the door. Gotta say that’s a scary sight to behold!

Oh yeah, and for those who think that she’s actually Senri Minamisawa, look at the color of her hair. Then again, I might be wrong as her eyes are different from Senri, but she wants to get back at both Takuru and Hinae.

Oh and about Hinae Arimura, she’s getting paranoid that Hinae-chan wants to attack Senri with her Di-sword. Then again, this could be one of her delusions acting up again, which I blame the Sumo Stickers for messing up their minds!

Well then, I’ll see you next week for more mysteries surrounding the New Generation Madness. And one more thing, I have a feeling that Senri Minamisawa is not the main culprit behind the series of murders related to the phenomenon 6 years ago.

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