Kuzu no Honkai Episode #06

Well everyone, we have confirmation that Narumi Kanai had sex with Akane Minagawa, but the question is whether he felt so good on putting his penis inside of Akane’s saggy vagina.

Then again, it doesn’t matter as long as he fucked Minagawa, which it was the most important thing in his life. But for Akane-san however… It was Tuesday!

Meanwhile, Hanabi Yasuraoka is crying that her crush got his cherry popped by a slut, apart from having a fever due to emotional stress or fatigue.

Of course, there’s Sanae Ebato who is here to accompany her friend…

I mean look at Ecchan, she wants to do it more because it’s okay for Sanae to be Hanabi’s bitch.

Seriously, I think the cast of Kuzu no Honkai are pretty messed up!

On the other hand, Yasuraoka met one of Akane’s sex-friends and it seems that he’s okay being Minagawa’s toy. Poor guy…

Oh yeah, this guy wants to have sex with Hanabi Yasuraoka ’cause why not!

However, her awkwardness and hesitation has turned him off that he left without deflowering Hanabi.

Dammit Hanabi, are you gonna lose your virginity or save it to your big brother Narumi Kanai? Scratch Narumi-san, he’s already taken so Hanabi has Mugi to mess up her body!

Speaking of Mugi Awaya, looks like his childhood friend Noriko Kamomebata wants to date him. How nice that Moka wants to be Mugi’s girlfriend but she’s too innocent to get involved in Mugi’s secrets.

Anyways, the first half has ended as summer break will begin on the next episode. Sadly, I’m worried that it’s going downhill from there…

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