Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #07

Hey everyone, it’s time for a beach episode as Aki Adagaki invited more people at her summer house ’cause she can’t spend summer by herself or with Yoshino Koiwai all the time.

Of course, Aki-sama didn’t plan to invite Masamune Makabe in the first place, but she did it anyway thanks to Kojurou Shuri insisting on inviting Masamune-kun so kudos to Kojurou-kun!

By the way, this is Midori Yuisaki who is a secretary to Aki’s father. While she has bad luck when it comes to finding the right man for her, Midori-san is very suspicious towards Masamune-kun. After all, Makabe wants to break Aki-sama’s heart to get even after getting that humiliating name of “Pig’s Foot”!

On the other hand, it appears that Aki wants to see the chubby Masamune-kun back when she was a young girl. However, Aki-sama have given up on finding Masamune and thus I believe that Adagaki called that stupid name for Makabe in the first place.

But let’s focus on Masamune Makabe as he showed his perfect body, only to get snubbed by Aki-sama ’cause she doesn’t care about him!

However, Neko Fujinomiya did noticed as she asked Makabe to put sunscreen on her back. I mean, she doesn’t want her skin getting tanned.

Unfortunately for Neko, she got blocked by Aki-sama of all people. I mean, Neko-sama might be a dangerous person since she got Masamune’s old photo in the previous episode.

Also, Aki Adagaki declared that she and Masamune Makabe are lovers which shocked everyone. Then again, they’re just pretending to be a couple just to get away from trouble, but Masamune-kun got the opportunity to get close with Aki-sama.

And so, it’s time for the climax as Masamune invited everyone to an abandoned school building where they test their courage against various ghosts and other things that scare you!

Of course, it’s all part of a plan by Makabe in order to get closer to Adagaki and then dump her afterwards.

However, there is one person who wanted to not only ruin Masamune’s plans, but to humiliate him in front of Aki-sama.

Yes, Midori Yuisaki wants to scare the shit out of Masamune Makabe! Sounds like a great idea, right?

But instead, Yuisaki got this as Koiwai Yoshino appeared with a chainsaw on her hand while wearing a hockey mask.

And I have to admit myself, she’s scary as fuck that Midori-san got nothing on Koiwai-chan!

So, Midori Yuisaki became the victim instead of being a hunter towards Masamune-kun.

In fact, he asked Koiwai for help on scaring the shit out of Aki-sama just to carry out his revenge plan. But what the hell, it did work!

As for Yuisaki, she ran away from Yoshino as fast as she could, until Midori-san hit the post and pass out.

Well, that’s what she get for being caught at the wrong place and the wrong time. Sucks to be played by Makabe’s plans!

Fortunately, Midori-san was rescued by Masamune-kun and I have to say that he wants to be nice towards Yuisaki, just to rub salt onto Adagaki’s broken heart once reaching the final stage of his revenge plan.

In any case, all’s well that ends well for this week’s episode!

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