Fuuka Episode #08

So, here are the members of HEDGEHOGS as they’re about to witness the fruit of their labor.

However, seems that Fuuka and her band-mates got a lot of trouble ahead…

…like Yuu Haruna getting hit by a glass bottle which not only he got hurt, but Yuu-kun’s bass guitar got wrecked!

Damn, they sure got salty just because Koyuki Hinashi visit him several times.

This prompted Hibiki Haruna to slap this hater for hurting her younger brother. Then again, this escalated further as she was surrounded by an angry mob!

Seriously, can they just stop being thugs in a school festival?

And to make it worse, Koyuki Hinashi showed herself and apologized. However, she got mobbed by her fans because they’re fucking stupid!

Ugh, these people are gonna hurt someone and not just Yuu Haruna and his sisters, but Koyuki Hinashi too.

But you know what, the only thing to shut those haters up is for Fuuka Akitsuki and her band-mates to show that they’re serious on performing!

C’mon, those guys are over-reacting just because Koyuki Hinashi has someone she loved. Anyways, time for Fuuka’s band to perform HEDGEHOGS’ “Climber’s High” live at the school gym!

And as you can see, Fuuka has that powerful voice that leaves everyone speechless and instead got hyped on her singing!

As for Yuu-kun, looks like that head gash doesn’t stop him from doing a decent performance, as he got a spare bass guitar from Yahagi (which it was originally owned by Nico).

And to top it all off, Fuuka invited Koyuki for a duet. Yeah, this would calm those haters down!

With that said, the concert was a success despite the hiccups before. I blame those thugs for throwing a bottle to Yuu-kun, as well as surrounding his sisters and Koyuki-chan!

For Fuuka and her band-mates, it’s time to celebrate for their first gig but they don’t have a band name yet. Fortunately, Makoto Mikasa came up with the name of their band: The Fallen Moon. Yeah, looks edgy than HEDGEHOGS!

On the other hand, Yuu Haruna is worried about Koyuki Hinashi after the incident at Aoba High School as he couldn’t contact his childhood friend. I guess Koyuki’s talent agency forbid her to call Yuu-kun for the time being…

But for Koyuki, it appears that she needs to take a break from her music career as she couldn’t sing. Looks like the concert will be cancelled, which is sucks for Yuu-kun and Fuuka-chan as they have tickets!

I mean, she got surrounded by rabid fans where Koyuki is supposed to calm them down and not only that, but it’s her fault for letting Yuu-kun hurt by thugs. It’s sucks that she’s in a difficult position right now.

Fortunately, Yuu Haruna is here to comfort Koyuki Hinashi with a warm hug. Aww, isn’t it tear-jerking?

Despite being a celebrity which means that she can’t love her childhood friend, I think Koyuki wants to convey her feelings to Yuu-kun no matter what! Of course, whether he’ll accept it or not is up in the air.

For the time being, Koyuki will have to spend her time in hiatus. As for the rest, life continues on the next episode but then again, what will Yuu Haruna do now that his childhood friend couldn’t sing?

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