Urara Meirochou Episode #07

On this week’s episode, the girls are reciting various incantations as part of their rank promotion.

Unfortunately, the likes of Chiya and Nono Natsume are having a hard time memorizing the incantations.

Heck, even Kon Tatsumi couldn’t remember any of it. Well, I guess that it’s too much for these girls, coupled with the old-style language in which they couldn’t memorize it at all!

Well, I have to say that their dreams of reaching 1st-class Ura will be shattered if they fail the recital.

But in a stroke of luck, seems that someone got it right as Nono Natsume did something different by singing out the incantations.

Gotta say that it was a genius move from Nina’s younger sister! Of course, she didn’t do it by sheer luck…

In fact, Nono somewhat remember it from her deceased mother. Glad that she has some fond memories of her mother in which Nono got a pass on the recital!

In any case, both Nono and Kon have passed the incantation recital exam. But as for Chiya and Koume, it’s extra lessons and remedial exams for them!

Well, sucks that these two are left behind, but I think both Chiya and Koume will bounce back somehow…

Meanwhile, it’s time for Koume Yukimi to have her own spotlight as she talks about witches, or rather her time spent with an actual witch named Marie Quispiroucouette.

Before I talk about Koume’s fond memories about her time with Marie, keep in mind that both witches and urara are similar and most of the people at large are skeptical about them. C’mon, we don’t want to have a witch hunt on this show!

Anyways, Koume had a great time with Marie as she’s fascinated with western-style magic. Sadly, Koume Yukimi couldn’t join Marie Quispiroucouette’s journey as she’s a witch and Marie might bring misfortune wherever she goes.

But even though Marie has the potential and superstition to bring bad omens to everyone, Koume is inspired to become a witch just like her and thus aiming to become a 1st-class Ura while having knowledge in witchcraft!

And that’s about it for this week’s episode of Urara Meirochou. Let’s hope that the girls can reach their dreams of becoming 1st-class Ura!

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