BanG Dream! Episode #05

I would like to introduce you to Shifuna Tsuzuki, the owner of Live House Space. While she’s a bit strict, Shifuna-san was once a good guitarist…

In fact, the reason why the owner created Live House Space because Shifuna Tsuzuki wanted girls to perform rock music seriously.

Hence, we got Glitter☆Green and various musical acts who performed at the famous live house!

Meanwhile, Kasumi Toyama is practicing her guitar skills but she’s still a newbie when it comes to reading guitar tabs and other musical terms.

Well, I have to say that Kasumi is Yui Hirasawa 2.0… Oh wait, she’s not the same level as Yui-chan!

So, Kasumi invited Tae Hanazono for another guitar tutorial. I mean, she’s good at playing guitar when O-Tae has free time to practice her skills.

However, Kasumi saw O-Tae’s performance that she copied it and played the guitar decently. Damn, she learned so fast!

You know what, I take it back regarding her comparison with Yui Hirasawa as Kasumi Toyama is Yui 2.0! With that said, I think Kasumi Toyama is ready to make everyone’s hearts skip a beat, including Tae Hanazono as Kasumi wants O-Tae in her band.

Now then, Kasumi and her band has decided to perform at Arisa Ichigaya’s mansion. C’mon, they’re not ready to perform at Live House Space.

Also, Kasumi Toyama brought her sister Asuka who is not only a member of the swimming club, but also a responsible sister to Kasumi…

…especially when she saved her sister’s guitar from getting wrecked. Damn, can’t believe that Asuka is Ui Hirasawa 2.0!

Anyways, time for Kasumi’s band to show their stuff in front of their friends and relatives. While I’m worried that they might screw this one up…

…seems that they showed a decent performance. Heck, seems that O-Tae-chan joined the band as a rhythm guitarist because she wants to support Kasumi and her friends!

And not only that, but Kasumi is playing the guitar decently apart from singing, so I have to say that it’s a pass for her.

Anyways, looks like their first gig is a success and their friends loved it. Of course, they need some more practice should Kasumi’s band will have to perform at Live House Space.

Lastly though, seems that Tae Hanazono will join Kasumi Toyama’s band. I mean, she’s enjoying it! Still, they need a drummer if they want to perform at a large crowd…

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode and I hope they found one drummer to their band.

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