Rewrite Episode #19

Oh look, it’s Akane Senri and while she can’t speak at the moment, I fear that Akane would become Sakura Kashima’s vessel in the future!

On the other hand, Koutarou Tennouji has returned to Kazamatsuri and met Akane-chan under an alias of “Bond” Suzuki or Suzuki Bondo. Yeah, doesn’t look different!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Koutarou graduated from training and now doing surveillance in his hometown. Why he became a spy instead of fighting monsters? Well, Tennouji was ranked bottom upon graduation…

…while the likes of Mikuni as seen here are the cream of the crop. They’re stronger and far more talented than Koutarou Tennouji.

Then again, I don’t think their talent will go further than that!

But let’s go back to Koutarou Tennouji as he’s joined by Touka Nishikujou and Arata Imamiya, both of which are in same league as Koutarou.

Yeah, they’re basically the weakest of the batch but becoming honor students won’t give them results…

…especially when it turns out that Mikuni’s raid party got killed by tyrannosaurus rex. Well, they sure got themselves cocky!

Oh and here’s Mikuni as he was unceremoniously killed by Gaia’s T-Rex! He’ll surely be missed…

For Koutarou Tennouji, the only thing he needs to do is to get away from being killed by that dinosaur.

However, it appears that he needs to save someone…

…like Akane Senri as she atop of a tree. Whether she climbed it by herself remains a mystery.

Anyways, Koutarou needs to save Akane-chan from falling down to her demise.

However, he got attacked by a stray wolf. Yeah, this is a bad time for Tennouji to take care of this monster!

Fortunately, he fended off by making a spear with his blood and stab that wolf until it dies.

Well then, glad that Koutarou can defend himself from tough creature created by Gaia.

Also, he rescued Akane Senri from breaking her neck or her back. Still, Koutarou needs to take Akane back from the orphanage which is owned by the Martel Group.

That’s until he got distracted by this pillar of light. In fact, Koutarou thinks that it was the same place where he saw a sapling back in Episode 17.

And speaking of the sapling, it turned into Kagari which my guess is correct.

Still, Koutarou decided not to kill the Key nor tell his boss Sougen Esaka about the existence of it. After all, Koutarou needs Kagari to attain true salvation.

Anyways, Koutarou brought Akane back to the orphanage because it would be bad if she was left behind there at the forest.

Still, he won’t tell Esaka-san about Akane Senri as well. Yeah, I guess following Guardian’s orders wholeheartedly might be a bad idea as Koutarou is aiming for the true route!

Speaking of Sougen Esaka, he was disappointed that the likes of Mikuni getting slaughtered by Gaia’s monsters, therefore telling Koutarou not to be over-confident nor getting discouraged. Otherwise, his powers will be gone.

Also, Sougen Esaka told Koutarou Tennouji to travel the world and join Esaka’s group of mercenaries ’cause it’ll be a great experience for Koutarou-kun to become stronger than before. Sounds like a great idea there, Esaka-san!

And so, Koutarou Tennouji left Japan to become a battle-hardened soldier ’cause using his powers alone won’t take him to other places.

Still, he has one job to do and that’s saving Earth and humanity, but it would be difficult if Sakura Kashima is ruining his plans for a true route. Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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