Sangatsu no Lion Episode #18

Here’s Morio Shigeta and Harunobu Nikaidou as they’re supposed to analyze the shogi board like how the pieces move on that position, but it turned into a heated argument between players.

Honestly, both Shigeta and Nikaidou should step outside and cool themselves down!

Meanwhile, here’s both Rei Kiriyama and Kai Shimada as they also analyze the board. In fact, Kiriyama commented that the placement of the pieces, especially from the black side, felt disturbing.

On the other hand, Kai Shimada is worried about his next match against Master Souya as he got straight losses. Well, seems that the 8th dan player is struggling to beat Touji Souya at his own game.

Anyways, Rei Kiriyama has finally reached the minimal amount of attendance that he won’t repeat the same grade for next year. Glad that Rei-kun got saved thanks to Hayashida-sensei, but he’ll pass his teacher’s offer of going to Mouseland!

Even though he managed to pass everything, seems that Rei-kun felt so pathetic that he didn’t move up a rank. However, Takeshi Hayashida told him that he did his best to survive so the only thing that Kiriyama can do is to move forward!

On the other hand, it’s time for the third match as Touji Souya and Kai Shimada are asserting their dominance on the shogi board.

Unfortunately, the 8th dan shogi player couldn’t beat the grand master, leaving Shimada to fight for survival on the fourth match!

Lastly, here’s Momo and Hinata Kawamoto as the sisters visited Rei Kiriyama’s apartment and ask questions about his relationship with Kyouko Kouda. While he told both of them that Rei-kun and Kyouko are step-siblings, Kiriyama didn’t told them about his horrible time at the Kouda residence since it’s very painful to remember it.

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode and while Master Souya would crush the 8th dan shogi player, I feel that Kai Shimada will have a chance to turn it around! As for Kiriyama, let’s hope that he can get better after spring break.

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