Seiren Episode #07

Hey look, it’s Hikari Tsuneki as she warned Shouichi Kamita on not to get involved with Tooru Miyamae, which it turns out that Tooru’s gaming addiction has scared off many of her classmates.

Hmm, that’s interesting about Miyamae-sempai but this time, she has friends to play with including Kamita, yet I wonder what happened to her?

Speaking of Tooru Miyamae, looks like she pulled an all-nighter and missed school for a day. Well, I have to say that Tooru-sempai got addicted on playing GusGal.

Anyways, Shouichi called Tooru-sempai and told him to come over to her apartment.

So, Kamita-kun went to Miyamae’s apartment block and he’s a bit nervous on meeting his GusGal partner.

But then, Shouichi met this guy at the front door. Hmm, I wonder if he’s actually Tooru’s boyfriend? Well forget about the boyfriend part as this guy is none other than Tooru’s big brother Souta.

Glad that it’s cleared up now but here’s a thing though. Turns out that Souta was the one who made Tooru into a game chick because he beat her every time. Yeah, no wonder she’s untouchable when it comes to video games except Souta-san!

Anyways, Shouichi finally met Tooru-sempai and he’s worried about her since she’s playing GusGal all the time. Oh and that stuffed bunny he’s holding? Miyamae made it with her own two hands.

Of course, while he’s worried that Tooru-sempai won’t be graduating if she missed a lot of classes, Shouichi wants to spend more time with her. Unfortunately, they can’t go to their usual arcade spot because Kibitou High School’s disciplinary committee are ramping up security there until the semester exams are over.

So, Shouichi invited Tooru-sempai to his secret place where they play retro trackball games. Well, they have a blast on playing games like World Match Soccer, SDY, etc.

However, looks like Miyamae got a cut after playing World Match Soccer. It would be bad if that’s infected!

Luckily, Kamita got a band-aid to stop the bleeding. Well, you may thank Tatsuya Araki for giving him lots of bandages.

Oh and if you think this scene is lewd, it’s not as Shouichi applied band-aid on Tooru-sempai’s finger. C’mon, he doesn’t want Miyamae’s fingers getting cuts all the time!

But hey, it looks like they’re getting along quite nicely. The disciplinary committee won’t stop both Shouichi-kun and Tooru-sempai from seeing each other and play games together!

Lastly, seems that Tooru-sempai invited Shouichi to attend Comi-cal Market (not Comiket) as she wanted to sell her handmade stuffed toys there.

Then again, does her invitation consider it a date for Kamita-kun? We’ll find that out on the next episode!

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