Little Witch Academia Episode #07

So after last week’s episode, looks like Atsuko Kagari is getting serious on learning magic!

Then again, seems that the likes of Prof. Finnelan wanted her expelled because talent is important and Akko doesn’t have one!

Anyways, Akko-chan went to Professor Ursula for some magic tutorials. But no matter what time she spent on studying, Kagari couldn’t produce good results.

In fact, Atsuko Kagari is getting closer of being expelled because she suck at magic! And speaking of magic, let’s face it as Lord Andrew Hanbridge’s father wanted it gone!

Now then, it’s time for Akko to take the final exam that’ll determine her fate… except that the proctor named Prof. Pisces got fainted as she gave her professor some mineral water.

Really Kagari, you really want to get expelled by killing a teacher in Luna Nova!

And to make matters worse, Prof. Pisces went down the drain. Yeah, Akko might get expelled for sure!

Fortunately, Akko won’t find the professor by herself as Sucy Manbavaran and Lotte Yanson joined her on finding Prof. Pisces in the sewer.

Well in reality, Prof. Pisces won’t survive the dingy smell of the sewers, but this is anime and she can survive there!

So, it’s up to those three witches to transform into fish and save Prof. Pisces!

Then again, Akko transformed herself into a merman than a fish… or a mermaid for that matter.

But first, seems that Akko must help this poor fish as its family got captured. Well, seems that someone doesn’t love nature!

But no matter as Atsuko Kagari used her magic to free a school of fish from being sold elsewhere.

By the way, that’s her last ounce of magic in which Akko can’t transform herself back.

But hey, she not only saved a school of fish but also rescued Prof. Pisces from becoming sashimi!

Gotta say that Akko did a good job of rescuing endangered species and her teacher. She deserve a medal for this!

And to add it all up, she scared a shady fisherman by telling him that over-fishing is bad!

Now then, it’s time for the girls to go back to Luna Nova and take the final exam…

Unfortunately for Akko and her two friends, they got in trouble for not only missing the magic philosophy exam, but also endanger Professor Pisces.

So with that in mind, Professor Finnelan will punish both Sucy Manbavaran and Lotte Yanson, she’ll expel Atsuko Kagari for insulting the name of Luna Nova because of her troubles.

Basically, Prof. Finnelan told Akko that she suck at magic and it’s time to her get kicked out!

However, Professor Ursula told Finnelan that Akko is improving through hard work, even though she cause trouble most of the time.

Also, seems that Atsuko Kagari got a commendation from an environmental agency for saving a school of endangered fish so there’s some reason for her to stay at Luna Nova Academy. Take that Prof. Finnelan, looks like Akko the troublemaker got praised for her heroic acts!

Anyways, looks like Akko will stay at Luna Nova for now. But come to think of it, seems that she’s learning more magic that before.

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