Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #08

Let’s start with this week’s episode where Tamotsu and Niwaka’s mother brought them a year’s worth of high-quality rice.

That’s pretty nice of them, but they don’t have a rice cooker to cook the rice unless Tamotsu did it the old-fashioned way.

But let’s talk about the main focus on this episode as Arisa Ahokainen’s kung fu arrived in Japan to challenge some of the country’s best martial artist. But then again, seems that he’s buying all of the rice cookers in Japan.

Oh yeah, and Arisa’s master is being managed by Diva Risa McWhite who plans to control Akihabara by reselling all of the rice cookers at higher prices. And if you notice about Risa McWhite’s hair, she’s controlled by the Bugged One.

And since Arisa is concerned about her master, she has decided to fight in order to free Mr. Master and Akihabara from the Bugged Ones!

Of course, it won’t be easy as Master is stronger than Arisa Ahokainen in terms of everything. Then again, he’s powered up by the Bugged One…

…and not to mention Risa McWhite’s meddling as it turns out that there are no rules to this special battle.

Well then, I guess this would be a wrestling match to the death! Yes, I say wrestling because this episode is sponsored by Bushiroad who owns New Japan Pro Wrestling and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

Oh and to make matters worse, seems that Risa McWhite took Master’s family has hostages other than Matome Mayonaka and Niwaka Denkigai.

Looks like Risa is forcing Arisa to throw the match and have the diva take control of Akiba!

Fortunately, Tamotsu Denkigai came up with a plan to help Arisa Ahokainen by ramming the Kurobugs with his ATV…

…so he can rescue Matome Mayonaka and Niwaka Denkigai. Well, at least Arisa has nothing to worry about throwing the match!

Then again, I’m worried about Master’s family as they’re forced to work at a cabbage patch in China.

Now back to the ring as Risa McWhite told Master to kill Arisa Ahokainen with a Chinese sword. Hey Ms. McWhite, kendo sticks are fine but bringing a dao to a wrestling match is not good!

So, Master decided to defy McWhite’s orders as he smack her with a sword. Yeah, Master has standards when it comes to fighting his opponents so no dirty tricks for him and Arisa!

But anyways, let’s go back to the match as Arisa Ahokainen delivered a finishing blow against Master, which snaps him out from the Bugged Ones.

Of course, it’s not over yet as the diva is still attacking Arisa Ahokainen. Oh, and Risa McWhite doesn’t care about Mr. Master as she can find a replacement.

Honestly, this bitchy diva has no place in Akihabara!

Not for Tamotsu though as he won’t let Risa McWhite do as she pleases…

Therefore, he and Arisa pinned Risa down with their combination move called The World of Gonzo! Well, you don’t need to know the Gonzo joke.

In any case, Risa McWhite is defeated and it’s not surprising that she’s liberated from the Bugged Ones by losing her clothes!

And thus the end of this week’s episode as Master and his family are freed from Metrotica’s control. Of course, he wants to train harder in order to have a serious match with Arisa Ahokainen.

Seriously Metrotica, why don’t you stage an all-out invasion of Akiba! Maybe next episode, you should pose a powerful threat to Denkigai Mayonnaise…

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