Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #07

Here’s Aqua as she’s serving tea to Kazuma Satou. Looks different from last week’s episode when she mocks at Kazuma’s “holy sword” at the end of it.

Hell, even Megumin got scared of their sudden mood change that she’s blaming herself. Well, it’s Megumin’s fault for writing down on Kazuma’s crotch!

Oh, and the reason why Kazuma Satou and Aqua are having that relaxed look as if they won a jackpot?

Well, Vanir made them an offer of selling various intellectual properties from Kazuma’s world for three hundred million eris. But if a whole sum of money is not desired, Vanir can give them 1 million eris a month.

Now, that offer is massive but I’m worried that this former general might dupe them. Hell, Kazuma’s party might not get anything after selling their properties to interested individuals!

For now, Kazuma Satou and his party will have to think about it regarding Vanir’s offer as they’re going to a hot spring outside town.

Oh yeah, and Wiz is joining the ride too but where’s Aqua?

Oh, she’s at the back of the caravan as Aqua lost to Kazuma in a game of rock-paper-scissors. Even her blessing couldn’t help on winning against Kazuma!

Well, looks like they’ll have a blast at the hot springs on the next episode…

But then again, Kazuma’s party will have to fend out a horde of ostrich-like monsters who are out for blood against Darkness-chan!

Well, the reason why these creatures are targeting Darkness-chan is because her armor is partially-made of adamantium, something that they love to have.

And look at Darkness-chan, seem that she wants to get trampled and raped by ostriches! Ugh, there’s nothing that we can do for this crusader…

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  1. Bonsai says:

    Not a great ending.

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