ChäoS;Child Episode #07

Here’s Takeshi Shinjou as he and his colleagues have witnessed a corpse that’s related to the New Generation Madness murders.

This one might looks like Senri Minamisawa, but it wasn’t as this victim happened to be a different person named Riko Haida.

And damn, having a rebar sticking out from her mouth is horrifying!

And to further proof that Senri and Riko-san are different, here’s a surveillance camera footage of her walking down the hallway.

That footage was taken 12 days before October 24, which supposed to be the date that someone related to the New Generation Madness would die but it didn’t happen. Maybe Takuru and Hinae saw on last week’s episode was an illusion to scare the shit out of them!

In any case, Hinae Arimura told Takuru Miyashiro that the case is finally solved now that the culprit is dead, which means that he won’t go further on investigating the New Generation Madness murders.

Then again, I don’t think it’ll end just like that as I told earlier that Riko Haida is neither Senri Minamisawa nor the mastermind behind the killings.

But let’s move onto the next scene where various reporters are at Aoba Clinic to interview Nono Kurusu regarding the whereabouts of Senri Minamisawa, which they believe that she’s hiding inside the clinic.

Really, are those reporters getting information from 2channel and the like? I mean, what they saw there was just fake information!

As for Nono Kurusu, she’s scared and depressed to go outside as Nono might get swarmed by reporters.

Hell, I’m worried that she’ll be targeted by vigilantes. Blame the trolls for making Kurusu the enemy!

On the other hand, Takuru Miyashiro got a call from his buddy Shinji Itou where he asked Takuru to bring a scalpel for Yui Tachibana. I wonder why Shinji needs that?

So, Takuru went outside to find Yui and Shinji. Then again, Miyashiro didn’t brought a scalpel and also, kudos to SILVER LINK for this surreal running scene!

Anyways, he continued to search until Takuru stumbled something…

He found a bunch of boxes arranged together to form a human body. But what Takuru saw was terrifying as he saw what appears to be Yui’s head!

Oh, and it turns out that Shinji Itou is the one who chopped Yui Tachibana into pieces, hence asking him to get a scalpel.

But why did he do that? Because Shinji blamed Takuru for not saving Senri Minamisawa! Then again, I don’t think Shinji knows about Senri much, let alone saw her getting tortured every day.

Suddenly, Nono Kurusu arrived to stop Shinji Itou from stabbing Takuru Miyashiro to death.

Well, I have to say that she did go outside and trip- I mean evade those reporters, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave Aoba Clinic…

…as Nono got devastated that her younger sister Yui died and her body parts were put into boxes.

Honestly, Shinji Itou is an asshole for killing Yui Tachibana even though she has no part of the case!

Anyways, the only thing that left to do for Takuru is to pin Shinji down, so he can avenge Yui’s death!

Yeah, that’ll teach Shinji not to kill his brothers and sisters!

Unfortunately for Shinji Itou, looks like he’s acting weird as he’s leaking blood from his eye sockets while foam is forming from his mouth. God, that’s disturbing to watch!

On the other hand, Nono Kurusu thinks that Shinji is being controlled by someone who wants to carry out the attack against Takuru, his friends, and his family. Sadly, Shinji Itou died on the spot and we’ll surely miss the only guy in the newspaper club!

And that’s the end of this week’s episode as Nono Kurusu laments the loss of her only sister Yui Tachibana. Takuru Miyashiro can’t do anything but to hug her until sadness fades away…

Anyways, there’s one target left before the New Generation Madness murders is completed. So on the next episode, I’m hoping that the mastermind should come out now instead of carrying out those murders at the comfort of his/her hideout!

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