Kuzu no Honkai Episode #07

Here’s Hanabi Yasuraoka as she’s being teased by one of Akane Minagawa’s toys named Takuya Terauchi.

Seriously, are you gonna lose your virginity to this guy on this episode or you’re not gonna do it? Then again, Hanabi is such a naive fool who couldn’t have sex with a stranger!

Meanwhile, here’s both Mugi Awaya and Noriko Kamomebata as they’re currently dating. Well, Moka wanted to be with Mugi in the first place, but it seems that Kamomebata has a secret that she couldn’t tell to her childhood friend.

Turns out that she dated a guy back in middle school, but Noriko didn’t go further on her relationship. I guess she’s saving her purity to Mugi Awaya, but let’s be honest here as he’s not a virgin and Mugi is in love with Akane who wanted to ruin Hanabi by taking Narumi away from her.

Yeah, it’s freaking messed up but Noriko doesn’t mind about that…

In fact, she’s ready to submit her body and soul to her childhood friend. I mean, Moka loves Mugi as they’re like a royal couple.

Oh yeah, and Mugi is about to deflower Moka but he decides to step back a bit. Even though she wants to do it, seems that Mugi couldn’t sully his childhood friend just like that. What a bummer!

Well then, I guess both Mugi Awaya and Noriko Kamomebata are remained friends in the end. Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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