Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #08

Here’s Masamune Makabe as he finally noticed that his childhood photo went missing or should I say stolen by a certain girl…

Said girl happened to be Neko Fujinomiya and I wonder what she’s thinking about Masamune-kun. Is Neko-sama planning to humiliate Makabe? Probably…

Now then, let’s go back to Masamune-kun as got a call from a certain girl, who wanted Makabe to come to her apartment.

Said certain girl happened to be Neko Fujinomiya and you know this already.

I hoping that she has Masamune’s embarrassing photo, otherwise his life will be ruined once more!

So, Makabe started finding his photo in Neko-sama’s apartment, specifically her bedroom where it’s filled with medicine and manga.

I’m hoping that he won’t get caught snooping into Neko’s room as Masamune is searching every nook and cranny of it!

But then again, it’s too late now as Neko-sama caught him red-handed. Yeah, Makabe is finally busted and as for his childhood picture…

…she hid it under her bra because why not. Damn, Neko-sama is one hell of a cheeky feline!

Of course, she’ll take it back if Masamune date her, starting with a kiss!

Yeah, seems that he’s about to fall in love with Neko-sama now that Masamune got trapped by her charms.

Then again, Makabe hold himself back and didn’t go further. I mean, he wants to seek revenge on being humiliated when Masamune was a fat kid!

With that said, it was an awkward end for Masamune as he left Neko’s apartment with a bitter taste on his mouth. After all, it’s better for him to deceive someone else than get fooled again!

Lastly, seems that Neko’s servant Shidou told Masamune that Neko-sama went missing and she asked him why her master disappeared. Well, Masamune told Neko-sama that he rejected her but that’s not the point here!

You see, Shidou-san told Masamune Makabe that Neko Fujinomiya has frail health and she’s prone to seizure if she couldn’t take her medicine right away. And speaking of Neko-sama, she left her medicine at her apartment and went to either Kyoto or some remote place. Gotta say that it was a surprise that Neko-sama is a very sick child, but she shouldn’t use her bad health to attract Masamune-kun!

But anyways, time for Masamune-kun to find Neko-sama on the next episode. Let’s hope that she won’t die or something worse…

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