Fuuka Episode #09

Hey everyone, it’s Yuu Haruna and Koyuki Hinashi as they got better after last week’s episode, especially for Koyuki where she returned to work after getting her singing voice back.

Still, she needs to be careful next time when meeting Yuu-kun in public places. C’mon, you don’t want her getting mobbed again by angry fans, don’t you? Still, I’m happy that Koyuki-chan is spending some time with her childhood friend but I wish Koyuki’s dream of having Yuu-kun perform alongside her will happen in the future!

Meanwhile, Fuuka Akitsuki has decided to make The Fallen Moon’s original song instead of doing covers. Well, that was nice to see her getting more involved with music!

So while her band-mates are practicing, Fuuka is doing her best to compose a song but she’s having a hard time making lyrics.

Also, seems that she’s being recruited by a music producer, but Fuuka wants to stay with her own band as she wants to do what she loved without some money attached. I mean, she can become a professional once Fuuka has finished her studies.

But then again, seems that Fuuka couldn’t stand Yuu-kun from seeing Koyuki-chan. I guess that she’s starting to know what love is but it’s painful to see both of them!

Anyways, looks like the love triangle is starting to take shape, but which girl shall end up with Yuu Haruna?

With that said, I’ll see you next week and I’m hoping that Fuuka Akitsuki could convey her true feelings through her songs!

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