BanG Dream! Episode #06

Well, this is interesting as Saya Yamabuki was hanging out with her band-mates a year ago.

However, I was surprised that Saya is a drummer, yet I don’t know if she still playing it!

But now let’s go back to the present as Kasumi Toyama and Saya Yamabuki are working for their class stall at the upcoming school festival. By the way, they’re doing a maid cafe with a twist.

Of course, she’s looking forward to perform together with her band-mates during the festival, but they still don’t have a name for their band!

Fortunately, Arisa Ichigaya is making one right now. Then again, Arisa feels that she’s been left out, even though Ichigaya pretends that she doesn’t want to see Kasumi Toyama. C’mon Arisa, don’t be a tsundere!

Still, Arisa is slightly jealous that Saya Yamabuki is giving her all at the school festival, especially when helping Kasumi Toyama.

In any case, Arisa Ichigaya have finally finished the name of the band, which is now called Poppin’ Party.

Then again, Saya thinks that she’s not part of the band, even though Yamabuky haven’t show her drumming skills to Kasumi-chan and the rest. Maybe on the next episode, she’ll change her mind and Kasumi’s band needs a drummer!

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