Rewrite Episode #20

This is Koutarou Tennouji, a person born with weak super powers is being thrust into action at an unknown Middle Eastern country.

I have to say that he experienced many kinds of crap thrown at him, from being bullied by team-mates who are stronger than them to killing lots of enemies that makes him very sick!

Fortunately, there’s one person who back Koutarou up named Luis, a former javelin thrower who was forced to join Guardian because of his powers.

Even though living in war-torn country is difficult, at least Tennouji has someone who can depend on instead of going insane and taking his own life.

On the other hand, Koutarou Tennouji met some kids at a local school and befriend them, especially Midou who became one of Gaia’s strongest summoner.

Of course, let’s not talk about Midou’s future plan as he’s enjoying his time with Koutarou-kun!

And lastly, Koutarou met Yasmin who was supposed to finish her information technology studies (she’s good at programming by the way), but the on-going conflict has forced Yasmin to drop-out and take care of the orphans.

Thanks to his friendship with Yasmin, seems that Koutarou’s life is somewhat manageable instead of being stressed out!

That’s until Koutarou, Luis, and their team-mates are sortied to a special mission where they must kill various drug dealers and Gaia personnel.

Now, this monster is unstoppable and the only way to defeat it is to kill the summoner.

Said summoner happened to be Yasmin in which Koutarou and Luis couldn’t believe it.

Of course, Guardian will see them as a threat but this is the last straw for Tennouji as he and his buddy has decided to rescue Yasmin and her friends!

Fortunately, Koutarou managed to bring all 4 kids to safety instead of being bombarded by Guardian’s gunships.

But as for Luis, he decides to stay here and repent for his sins, as it turns out that Luis won’t forgive himself for accidentally killing a friend before joining Guardian.

Gotta say that Luis sure has the guts to defy Guardian’s orders and hold the line to protect the kids. And let’s face it, murdering children regardless of whether they’re part of the enemy or not is morally wrong!

In any case, Yasmin and her friends are safe and they’re living peacefully somewhere. But for Koutarou Tennouji, seems that he won’t forget Luis’ sacrifice that it changed his life forever.

While he still serve as a mercenary before returning to Japan, looks like Koutarou has more reasons to rewrite himself and save both humanity and Earth from destroying themselves. Of course, we don’t know when will Koutarou leave Gaia and seek true salvation.

For now, I’ll see you on the next episode and I hope 8-bit will move to the climax of this show!

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