Seiren Episode #08

By the way, I would like to introduce you to Tomoe Kamita, Shouichi’s big sister who might be a little cheeky or a klutz. Yeah, it’s a big departure from Amagami where an elder sister is being featured instead of a younger one.

Of course, Seiren won’t have a Tomoe Kamita story arc because not everyone likes incest. Well, I still love having incest in my anime series since it’s so wrong, yet it felt so good to watch it!

Anyways, it’s time for the conclusion to Tooru Miyamae’s story arc where she’s wearing a Deermas costume at the Comical Market!

One more thing, seems that it wasn’t a date after all.

But hey, seems that Shouichi Kamita likes it, although he seems to be shy on looking at Tooru’s costume.

Oh yeah, and Shiori Nagasawa made the Deermas costume which she claims that it’s stretchable!

But then again, seems that it’s emphasizing the crotch area that Tooru-sempai ran away…

Eventually, she got surrounded by a camera mob and Tooru-sempai is not ready to strike a pose. I mean, she’s wearing a full-body suit with a jacket as an accessory!

For Shouichi Kamita, he couldn’t sneak in to save his beloved gaming partner. Well, Shouichi-kun might get beaten up by those rabid cameramen!

That’s until his sister Tomoe shows up in her skimpy GusGal costume. Well, I don’t know how to react about this getup!

But hey, what’s important is that she distracted a lot of cameramen so that Tooru Miyamae can escape from them.

And look, Shouichi-kun is pulling Tooru-sempai out from those cameramen. Good job to him and Tomoe-san!

In any case, Tooru Miyamae did sell some of her merchandise before Comical Market came to a close.

But wait, what about the date between Shouichi-kun and Tooru-sempai? I mean, she’ll be taking entrance exams after the event!

Well, seems that Shouichi will do the date with Tooru-sempai after all… at night!

Yeah, he wants to do it now and tell his feelings straight away!

Of course, Miyamae has other plans as she made a hickey on Shouichi’s throat. Wow, that’s lewd!

But hey, Tooru-sempai did cover it with a MiliBun-themed band-aid. Well, that was thoughtful of her!

And one last thing, looks like Tooru Miyamae wants to be Shouichi Kamita’s girlfriend after all.

Oh and to prove that, here’s the damn kiss which seals the deal between Miyamae and Kamita. I’m so happy that they got together in the end that both Tooru and Shouichi became a married couple… and a daughter to boot!

And that’s about it for this second story arc in Seiren as I’ve enjoyed watching Tooru Miyamae’s arc than the previous one. Not as perfect since they spend more time playing games than doing actual dating stuff, but it’s better than Hikari Tsuneki’s arc and it’s a step in the right direction!

Now on the next episode, I expect something that’ll surpass both previous story arcs…

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