Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen Episode #08

Here is Mangetsu Tsuburaya who recently returned to the rakugo scene, albeit a bit rusty due to his 10-year hiatus.

But hey, I’m glad that Mangetsu is doing what he loved!

Also, looks like the 3rd Generation Sukeroku has a new student named Kotarou, which means that rakugo has a future.

Although Kotarou is just starting his life as a rakugoka, I’m glad Sukeroku got someone who can inherit his legacy!

Meanwhile, here’s the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei as he shares his memories with Shinnosuke, including his best friend and Shinnosuke’s grandfather Shin who is known as the 2nd Generation Sukeroku.

Also, Eisuke Higuchi is here to discuss on whether to keep various records of Yakumo Yurakutei or destroy it. But you know what, I think those records needs to be preserved so that everyone will remember how the 8th Generation performed at his peak!

Anyways, looks like Matsuda-san is bringing Master Yakumo to a special place instead of going home. I wonder what surprises will Yakumo have once he arrive there?

Well, it turns out that various patrons, including Yotarou’s former yakuza boss Isao Kido, are expecting Yakumo Yurakutei’s return to rakugo.

Gotta say that Master Yakumo is surprised that everyone is worried but delighted to see him again!

Heck, even the 3rd Generation Sukeroku wants Master Yakumo to witness his performance which originated from his predecessor.

I have to say that Sukeroku loves rakugo that he wants his master to have the same feeling as him!

But as for Sukeroku’s performance, everyone loves it including Isao Kido. After all, this yakuza boss is proud that his former subordinate has turned into a fine rakugoka!

And let’s not forget Konatsu as she fondly remembers her father upon seeing the 3rd Generation Sukeroku’s rendition of his last performance at the Kame-ya inn.

With that said, the 3rd Generation Sukeroku has finished his performance with tears flowing out. Damn, he sure was inspired by his predecessor!

But just when things are getting better as the 8th Generation Yakumo is about to perform in front of his patrons…

…the police raided the venue and arrested Isao Kido for possessing a gun. What a fuckin’ bummer that the celebration of Yakumo’s return has cut short!

I’m hoping that it won’t be some bad omen as I don’t want this series to have a tragic end. Anyways, see you on the next episode.

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