Urara Meirochou Episode #08

Oh look, it’s Nina Natsume as she’s currently relaxing today instead of teaching girls on how to be a good urara.

Well, turns out that instead of cleaning their bodies and make offerings from the gods, they’re just here to have fun!

Anyways, it’s a swimsuit episode as Koume Yukimi brought some Western-style bikinis so that Chiya and the rest can wear them!

Now while Chiya in her swimwear is okay, Nono Natsume looks cute in her one-piece suit.

And as for Kon Tatsumi, she looked so stunning in her maid-inspired bikini. You may thank Koume for making one!

In any case, these girls are having fun in the sun and they deserve a break after studying all the time!

On the other hand, Kon has decided to try out spring séance together with Chiya. Sounds like a great idea to drown- I mean call the gods, right?

But then again, Kon Tatsumi saw something ominous that doing spring séance is a bad idea!

Hell, Kon is worried that her divination powers will be gone as she looked into the true nature of the gods.

Of course, Chiya won’t let that happen to Kon as they made a promise to become 1st-class Ura. And the only way to forgive the gods for their disturbances is to offer their bellies!

Hell, even Koume and Nono will do the same just to keep Kon’s divination powers from disappearing. It’s nice for Kon to have friends supporting her!

Of course, the only way to check on whether Kon has divination powers is to ask Kokkuri-san. After all, that cheeky fox previously possessed Kon Tatsumi before!

In any case, let’s see if she still has powers or not…

Fortunately for Kon, the great Kokkuri-san says that she still has her divination powers, which is great as she won’t leave the Labyrinth Town anymore! Then again, what Kon and Chiya saw might be a ghost or something…

Anyways, all’s well that ends well on this episode. Gotta say that Kon almost broke down but thanks to her friends support, her dream of becoming a 1st-class Ura is still alive. Now then, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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