Little Witch Academia Episode #08

This is Sucy Manbavaran, a bonafide witch who acts like one: from making potions via various poison mushrooms to creating curses that- Wait, I think she’s not ready to put a bad spell on everyone!

But hey, Sucy is living the dream… if it wasn’t for her two companions!

And speaking of dreams, I think I spoke too soon as Sucy Manbavaran fell into a deep slumber after drinking her own potion.

That leaves both Atsuko Kagari and Lotte Yanson having a panic attack that they’re not only have to wake Sucy up, but to stop those mushrooms from spreading further into the academy! Now imagine Luna Nova getting engulfed in Sucy’s favorite food…

So in an act of desperation, Lotte did the unthinkable as she knocked Akko out with her magic wand…

…leaving it in the hands of Kagari to not only rescue Sucy but to stop a mushroom infestation by going deep into her mind!

Well, let’s hope Atsuko Kagari can save her friend in time for classes, otherwise they might get expelled.

Anyways, Akko has arrived in Sucy Manbavaran’s dream where it’s full of mushrooms. Don’t expect Mario and Luigi to come here and rescue Princess Peach, only to be told that she’s in another castle!

But then again, seems that Akko-chan is doing the same thing as the Mario Bros.

Fortunately, she got allies and they look like Sucy Manbavaran. Sure that you got Devil Sucy, Angel Sucy, and a young Sucy to boot, but Akko needs the original Sucy that she loved to hate!

Anyways, looks like finding Sucy Manbavaran will be much easier for Atsuko Kagari…

That’s until Akko encountered an abomination of Suzy Manbavaran which reminds me of both Akira and Evangelion!

By the way, turns out that the loli Sucy became like this. Well Akko-chan, you should check if that little Sucy is dangerous! Alas, it can’t be helped…

With that said, Akko ran as fast as she could to evade this monstrosity, until Kagari went to the tower…

…where lo and behold, lies the true Suzy Manbavaran in which she resides at Room 666. Yeah, nice subtle references to the devil, Studio Trigger!

With no time to waste, Atsuko Kagari proceeds to give the antidote to Sucy.

But since Akko’s friend became a Sleeping Beauty, Akko will have to administer the antidote via mouth-to-mouth!

Well, seems that there’s no turning back for Akko as she’ll deliver her first (and maybe last) kiss of life to Suzy Manbavaran! But will it work?

Nah, I don’t think Sucy would accept Akko’s help as she finally woke up from her dream. That was anti-climatic there!

But hey, I’m glad that Sucy is back from the living as Akko celebrates with a hug. Then again, I wonder if these events that happened on this episode are actually Akko’s dreams? I guess we’ll never know…

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and as much as Sucy is living the witch dream, she needs to get better at making potions!

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