Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #08

So, let’s continue where we left off in the previous episode as Kazuma Satou’s party and their fellow adventurers are being attacked by ostrich-like creatures called Running Hawk Kites.

Of course, since Darkness-chan has adamantium in her armor, Kazuma used her as a bait…

…to lead the Hawk Kites to a cave where they just jump over Darkness-chan! Really, I thought these monsters would run over this masochistic crusader?

With that being said, all of the Hawk Kites are now inside the cave.

Which means that it’s time for Megumin to use her explosion magic to blow up an entire cave full of Running Hawk Kites!

Yes, it was overkill but at least the adventurers won’t be bothered by those ostrich-like monsters.

Then again, Megumin will have to take a rest because her explosive magic can only be used one per day!

So anyways, Kazuma’s party has arrived to Arcanretia, home to the most beautiful hot springs in the world as well as the home of the Church of Axis.

Yes, they’re serving Eris and Aqua to the point that they want visitors to join their church. Then again, these followers are not aware that they’re meeting a goddess turned arch priest. Yes, I’m talking about Aqua!

And speaking of their followers, let’s just say that they’re so fanatical on recruiting visitors to their church, it makes me feel that they’re like a goddamn vigilante fundamentalist group!

Anyways, I hope Kazuma’s party will have a good time at Arcanretia…

Lastly, here’s Yunyun as she went to see Megumin because she’s a self-proclaimed rival to the arch wizard.

Sadly though, Yunyun is just wasting her time as Megumin went to Arcanretia together with her party. Seriously Yunyun, you’re an idiot!

And that’s about it for this week’s episode. Will Kazuma Satou and his party getting some peaceful rest and relaxation? Well, I doubt that because the Axis Church followers won’t shut up about recruiting them!

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