Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #09

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On this week’s episode, here’s Arisa Ahokainen as she attempts to draw a rare card, only to fail miserably because she’s having bad luck today!

By the way, what Arisa is playing right now is Battle Creatures, your typical children’s card game in the similar vein as Cardfight!! Vanguard and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Anyways, seems that Akihabara’s vigilante groups are getting disbanded thanks to these princesses, which they supposed to cheer them only to learn that these girls are destroying friendships here and there!

Yes, even the Chuo Dori Vigilantes are getting affected because they recruited a princess. Well, it’s their fault for getting one and Akihabara will be doomed without those vigilantes. Well then, looks like Denkigai Mayonnaise will have to go further into this current crisis…

Eventually, Tamotsu and his friends went to the Princess Company where Iketeru Masada supplies princesses to various vigilante groups, just to ruin them until the group is disbanded!

And as you can see, he’s a Bugged One so no surprise there at all.

Well then, time for Matome Mayonaka to strip those princesses until they’re liberated from Kurobug’s control.

Of course, Iketeru doesn’t like violence that he decides to challenge them…

…via card games as Tamotsu Denkigai takes the challenge! Yeah, he looks like a generic Yu-Gi-Oh! character.

Also, this is how it looks like when two duelists play Battle Creatures. Looks boring right?

But hey, with a little bit of imagination, you can visualize this card battle into a high-stakes shonen-like match between these two players!

Anyways, let’s move onto the climax where Tamotsu draws his trump card with a little bit of life left, he delivered a final blow against Iketeru Masada!

Yup, he’s defeated and Iketeru’s soul will be sent into the shadow realm… Just kidding, he’ll have his clothes ripped off like any other Bugged Ones!

And that’s the end of Masada and his Princess Company as Tamotsu Denkigai destroyed them by winning a children’s card game!

As for the various vigilante groups in Akiba, they reconciled and became functional defenders of their beloved city.

And lastly for Matome Mayonaka, it appears that she got dumb-founded on the events that happened on this week’s episode!

Well, at least she’s not gonna deal with this for next week, but Metrotica is just procrastinating on making a massive invasion of Akihabara!

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