Kuzu no Honkai Episode #08

On this episode, summer break is about to end and while Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka are going to confess their feelings for their crush, they need to finish their homework first!

Meanwhile, Sanae Ebato is attending a prep school together with her cousin Atsuya Kirishima. Although Kirishima has some feelings for his cousin, Ecchan still wants to be with Hanabi Yasuraoka.

Well, I feel bad for Atsuya-kun but he won’t stop loving Sanae even if his feelings are rejected. Also, I hope he won’t rape his cousin because that would be bad!

Now then, it’s time to return to Mugi Awaya where he’s about to confess his feelings for Akane Minagawa.

Yes, I know that she’s toying with Mugi, but he’s serious on saying it to his former tutor! Then again, Minagawa couldn’t take one little clue about Awaya since she’s busy screwing with other men.

But you know what, the only way for Mugi to convey his feelings for Akane-san is by forcing her to have sex with him. Also, Awaya told Minagawa that she’s the worst narcissist, but he still loves her despite Akane being a bitch!

Anyways, let’s just say that they had lots of sex afterwards because they’re pretty much in heat with each other.

As for Hanabi Yasuraoka, she’s about to tell her feelings to Narumi Kanai. Then again, he’s still not aware of Hanabi’s love… Not platonic by the way, but intimate!

Still, seems that Hanabi’s true feelings wasn’t reach to her big brother Narumi. I mean, Kanai had sex with Minagawa previously. Goddammit!

With that said, this episode is so amazing to watch but I feel bad towards Yasuraoka today! Maybe on the next episode, she’ll get better…

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