Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #09

On this episode, we continue where we left off last week as Aki Adagaki and her friends worked together to find Neko Fujinomiya.

After all, she has a frail body and who knows what will happen to her if Neko-sama collapsed somewhere! But wait, where’s Masamune Makabe?

Oh, seems that he went to search Neko-sama by himself which leads Masamune-kun to this school building.

Could it be that this is Neko’s former middle school? Probably!

On the other hand, Aki Adagaki joined Masamune Makabe because she’s concerned about Neko-sama’s health. I’m surprised that Aki-sama is worried about Fujinomiya even though Adagaki considered her as a nuisance!

Meanwhile, Masamune-kun asked Aki-sama from out of the blue if she remembers the nickname Pig’s Foot? Really Makabe, I feel that Adagaki won’t remember it at all!

Suddenly, Masamune and Aki-sama saw paper planes flying out from the rooftop. I wonder who’s doing that at this hour?

Oh, it’s none other than Neko Fujinomiya as she’s recreating one scene from her favorite manga called “Rose-eyed Steroid”, which Aki-sama recently read it because she wants to experience falling in love and feel the pain of rejection.

But then again, this is where things got even more interesting as Neko Fujinomiya knows Masamune Makabe when she was just a little girl, yet she couldn’t tell him about it because Masamune-kun is smitten with revenge against Aki Adagaki! Now I would forgive her if Fujinomiya is doing it seriously, but I guess it’s too late for Neko-sama that her love for Masamune-kun felt shallow and empty…

In any case, Masamune-kun managed to find Neko-sama before collapsing. Yeah, it’s sucks that Neko Fujinomiya got friend-zoned and even though she had many suitors lining up, Neko’s feelings will always be aimed towards Masamune-kun.

Now, had Aki-sama didn’t call Masamune-kun as Pig’s Foot, he might have a chance to fall in love with Neko-sama or even that gluttonous bitch princess Adagaki if it wasn’t for her hatred of men!

Lastly, here’s a new character introduced at the end of this episode who looked Masamune Makabe, albeit skipping the weight-reduction training and retained his chubbiness!

But what do you think, will this guy be a rival towards the real Masamune-kun? Find out on the next episode…

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