Seiren Episode #09

Well then, let’s start this third story arc with this young cosplayer. Little did they know is that this girl… is actually Shouichi Kamita!

Yeah, my dick is so confused right now that I couldn’t believe Shouchi-kun being this cute!

Anyways, here’s the third heroine named Kyouko Touno who is Shouichi’s childhood friend. Well, she looks so plain…

On the other hand, Kyouko loves reading shoujo manga, especially her favorite series named Magical Girl Papri which it’s becoming lewder than before.

Shouichi-kun still reads Magical Girl Papri, but he fears that his classmates would bully him for reading a lewd shoujo manga! Also, he’s worried that Kyouko-chan is still acting like a child.

However, seems that Touno’s life will change forever when she was recruited by both Koharu Uno and Nao Tokioka from the Home Economics Club.

Come to think of it, I smell deja vu between Koharu and Nao as these two girls came from the Tea Club in Amagami SS. Then again, it’s just me getting overworked with such trivial things!

Anyways, Kyouko Touno has decided to join the Home Economics Club and seeing her in a kimono makes Shouichi Kamita think that her childhood friend is cuter than before! Um Shouichi-kun, why don’t you cross-dress again?

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode and let’s hope that Kyouko will change herself for the better!

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