Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode #08

Well look what we have here, seems that the civilians took up arms and stage a revolt against the Empire!

Not only that, but they got help from the Republic in which the militiamen took back Arene City.

So with that said, the Imperial Command ordered Major Degurechaff’s 203rd air mage battalion to recapture Arene, but of course they need to tell the civilians to escape the city or they’re considered as combatants.

Sure that Tanya is giving the city folks some time to retreat, but then again they won’t listen and thus she has no choice but to kill the civilians. Well, it’s their fault for not leaving Arene and their audacity to take up arms against the Empire might be very costly!

This lead 2nd Lieutenant Grantz getting conflicted on hurting civilians. Of course, 1st Lieutenant Weiss told him to just follow orders.

C’mon, war is hell and there’s nothing they can do about it regarding civilian casualties if they stayed at the city of course!

Anyways, the 203rd air mage battalion have arrived at Arene, only to be ambushed by the Republican forces because they expect Tanya’s elite force to seize control of the city.

Unfortunately for the enemy, Major Degurechaff’s battalion didn’t falter and proceed to kill them!

Well, it’s sucks for the Republic as their ambush plan didn’t work…

Oh yeah and since Tanya warned the civilians to leave the city but they refused to do so, the Devil of the Rhine ordered the artillery to bombard Arene.

Yeah, this is what they get for not listening to Tanya’s pleas and there’s no stopping at this carnage.

She has given the civilians a chance to leave the city, but their stubbornness and coupled with the militiamen murdering unarmed Imperial soldiers has led to this!

On the other hand, Major Tanya Degurechaff couldn’t stand 2nd Lieutenant Grantz’s attitude that she beat him up with her rifle. Well, it’s his choice to join this elite fighting force in the first place and Tanya expects Grantz to obey her command or she’ll shove a magic bullet straight to his ass!

However, Tanya give him a chance to show that he’s not weak by killing the civilians, which Major Degurechaff describes them as part of the enemy’s forces. Like I said before, they should have run away but they didn’t!

With that said, there’s come to a point where 2nd Lieutenant Grantz must choose between killing the civilians so that they won’t bite them later, or disobeys Tanya’s orders and kill her in which God will be delighted to see the heretic died!

Then again, if Grantz can’t do it both, then he’s not worthy to be a soldier as Major Degurechaff might do the dirty work and punish him while masking it as an accident. After all, Tanya cares about results and failure is not an option.

Lastly, here’s one character who was supposed to be killed last week, only to receive a blessing from God that he got back up from the brink of death.

That’s right, Colonel Anson Sioux has returned and he received God’s powers to kill Major Tanya Degurechaff! Can’t wait to see him getting his revenge against that pint-sized devil of the Rhine… if she still there of course!

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  1. Karandi says:

    Looks like a fairly dark episode all round. Thanks for sharing.

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