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Urara Meirochou Episode #09

Oh look, it’s Chiya-chan as she’s being greeted by this masked ura where she can offer her service for money. Then again, Chiya doesn’t know about money nor having one ’cause she grew up in the mountains. Also, she’s caught … Continue reading

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BanG Dream! Episode #07

Here’s Kasumi Toyama… trying her best to play both guitar and drums. Naturally, that won’t work because it’s stupid and she’ll mess up the whole performance. Would it be better if Kasumi and her fellow band-mates find a drummer.

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Rewrite Episode #21

And look what we have here, it’s Kagari as she’s returned to carry out true salvation, although Kagari might resort to killing humanity because they don’t bring fond memories. Well, I blame both Guardian and Gaia for their bitter rivalry … Continue reading

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ChäoS;Child Episode #08

This is a story of Senri Minamisawa, an introverted girl who wanted to make friends and thus went to AH Tokyo General Hospital because her mother recommended it. By the way, Senri’s mother is linked to a cult organization which … Continue reading

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