BanG Dream! Episode #07

Here’s Kasumi Toyama… trying her best to play both guitar and drums.

Naturally, that won’t work because it’s stupid and she’ll mess up the whole performance. Would it be better if Kasumi and her fellow band-mates find a drummer.

Meanwhile, here’s Saya’s friend Natsuki Umino who knows about her being the drummer, but Natsu doesn’t know why Saya Yamabuki quit the band.

While it’s sucks that Saya didn’t tell her friends on why she left, I guess Yamabuki wanted to keep her problems to herself!

On the other hand, here’s one member of Glitter☆Green who wanted to help Kasumi’s band. This is Hinako Nijukki and she’s fired up to become the temporary drummer of Poppin’ Party.

Then again, I think Kasumi would find someone that’s more suitable than Hinako-sempai!

And that’s when Kasumi Toyama asked Saya Yamabuki to join her band Poppin’ Party, because she believes that Saya can do it!

However, Saya harshly declined as it turns out that she wants to take care of her mother, who was previously hospitalized due to poor health and leaving her mother behind will be bad.

But you know what, I think she should share the burden to her friends like Kasumi-chan. I mean, she maybe clumsy but Kasumi is willing to help a friend like Saya Yamabuki!

In any case, I’m hoping that Saya would open up to Kasumi-chan and the rest of Poppin’ Party on the next episode.

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