ChäoS;Child Episode #08

This is a story of Senri Minamisawa, an introverted girl who wanted to make friends and thus went to AH Tokyo General Hospital because her mother recommended it.

By the way, Senri’s mother is linked to a cult organization which runs the hospital itself. What could possibly go wrong?

Sure that everything seems okay but in later experiments, Senri’s life has turned into hell!

Ultimately, Senri survived but the scars that she got inside the AH Tokyo General Hospital remained.

On the other hand, she met Nono Kurusu back in grade school and became friends. Well, Senri’s wish has come true!

But then the earthquake happened and Nono got crushed by the rubble beneath her. Thus, she died and Senri wished that she was the one who died there.

Damn, that’s so unfortunate for Senri Minamisawa after regaining her freedom and getting her first friend! However, something happened afterwards…

It turns out that Nono Kurusu regained consciousness by some miracle. But the truth is that Senri’s appearance has changed to Nono and hence she was surprised by it!

In any case, she told Takuru Miyashiro the truth that the real Nono Kurusu is dead, while Senri Minamisawa is alive under her friend’s name and appearance as a memento.

Gotta say that it was a surprising reveal after the shocking events from last week’s episode! Now, Nono or should I say Senri wants to atone her sins for losing Yui Tachibana.

Meanwhile, I’m also surprised that Shinji Itou is alive, but he’s still in danger because Shinji killed Yui-chan while being controlled by someone else.

I mean, he might get arrested while recuperating from his wounds!

On the other hand, Shinji Itou told Takuru Miyashiro that he was told by someone to kill Yui Tachibana. He also told Miyashiro that the person who ordered him was inside the clubroom before passing out.

Well, I have to say that Shinji might get controlled again but damn, he regret on murdering Yui-chan!

Lastly, seems that Nono went missing as Uki Yamazoe told Takuru that she left Aoba Clinic after watching a video to one of the victims.

Sure that one of the videos is scary to look at, but what aspect did Nono got that prompted to run away?

Well, the only way to find out is for Takuru to do it by himself. It could be that she found something unusual or heard something that a normal person couldn’t do, although the latter is the one that spook Nono (or Senri) out!

Anyways, Takuru mess around with the sound frequencies until he finally heard something…

It seems that Miyashiro heard some snipping noises. Could it be that the victim is cutting himself with a scissor? Well, the victim did it eventually but hearing those noises felt nauseating!

For now, it’s up to Takuru Miyashiro on finding Nono… or should I say Senri Minamisawa on the next episode.

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