Rewrite Episode #21

And look what we have here, it’s Kagari as she’s returned to carry out true salvation, although Kagari might resort to killing humanity because they don’t bring fond memories.

Well, I blame both Guardian and Gaia for their bitter rivalry that the Key sees them as destructive beings!

Of course, Koutarou Tennouji will like to help her achieve true salvation since he’s tired of seeing shit left and right!

Then again, the notion of groping Kagari’s breasts would be bad as Koutarou will go down in history by saving humanity and Earth while fondling the Key’s tits. Tennouji, you should group Akane Senri’s tits instead!

Anyways, Koutarou Tennouji went back to Gaia where he not only wants to gather information, but to learn summoning techniques which will be useful later!

Eventually, Koutarou became the top dog of the organization where he’ll meet various head honchos within Gaia or should I say the Martel Group.

On the other hand, Koutarou met this executive named Shuuichirou Suzaki, who wants to have more influence within the Martel- I mean Gaia in order to make more money.

You know what, Sakura Kashima won’t like one bit of profiteering her zealous cause of punishing humanity. But then again, she’s too senile to notice it that her trusted executives might be plotting to take over her organization. Regardless, I think Shuuichirou-san might become the final boss!

Lastly, here’s Kotori Kanbe where Tennouji finally met her after all these years. Then again, Kotori-chan has become a Druid at this point thanks to Kagari’s powers, and her parents are killed that she brought them back as summoned beings.

Now, Koutarou won’t like the summoning part of Kotori’s parents because you can’t bring back the dead. C’mon, he witness his war buddy Luis killed as well as young kids being murdered by his teammates. But since Kotori has nowhere to return to, I guess “reviving” her parents is justified.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that Koutarou succeeds on achieving true salvation!

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