Urara Meirochou Episode #09

Oh look, it’s Chiya-chan as she’s being greeted by this masked ura where she can offer her service for money.

Then again, Chiya doesn’t know about money nor having one ’cause she grew up in the mountains. Also, she’s caught in a wrong place at a wrong time!

That’s until this woman named Tokie-san arrived to warn this shady ura on not to conduct divination jobs for monetary gains. Also, she doesn’t like masked people!

But anyways, Chiya was saved by Tokie-san and this 2nd-class Ura gave her clothes to wear, because Tokie believes that an urara must wear proper clothing and act like a lady!

Then again, Chiya felt stiff when wearing kimonos…

Eventually, Chiya went back to Natsume-ya thanks to Tokie-san. Of course, she introduced to her friends like Koume Yukimi and Nono Natsume, which she called them as a cat and a tanuki, respectively!

And also Nina-sensei and Kon Tatsumi who are surprised to see Tokie-san. Well, the latter is even more shocked when it’s revealed that Tokie-san is Kon’s mother!

But anyways, Tokie told everyone that there would be a bad omen happening in the struck of midnight and the victim will be none other than Nono. Oh, and Nina-sensei fainted because she can’t believe that her little sister is about to be cursed!

Really, I thought it’s gonna be Chiya being linked to that fox-like creature back in Episode 5, but having Nono-chan being the victim is much worse! C’mon everyone, Nono needs to be protected!

So, the girls come up with ways to dispel the curse but it didn’t work out for Nono!

Come to think of it, she’s feeling a bit heavy on wearing various charms to ward off evil spirits.

Still, Chiya and her friends won’t give up on Nono as they’ll make sure that the curse will be lifted!

Gotta say that Chiya, Koume, and Kon are doing their best, but I wonder if it’s too late to save their friend.

However, Tokie-san told the girls that the curse didn’t happen and it’s just one part of an exam, which she told them that they passed it!

Well, that’s something but Tokie sure have tricked them into taking this promotion exam but whatever…

In any case, the girls celebrated that Nono Natsume is safe and they passed the exam… but it’s just a qualifier for the real promotion exam.

So yeah, seems that they have another exam to tackle before promoting to 9th-class Ura. Maybe on the next episode, Chiya and the rest will pass it!

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