Sangatsu no Lion Episode #20

This is how Kai Shimada would look like if he retired early. Sadly, this is just a dream and Kai-san chose his profession over his family because he don’t wanna let them down!

Of course, his stomach pain has prevented Shimada from going further to his shogi career…

Anyways, it’s time for the 4th match between Touji Souya and Kai Shimada at Kyoto.

While the two players are preparing to take on each other, Rei Kiriyama will be doing board commentary together with Raidou Fujimoto who has the current title of Dragon.

Unfortunately for Kiriyama, Dragon Fujimoto is a very scary man that his body trembled!

Well, the only thing that Rei-kun can do is to commentate the match together with Raidou-san. Of course, he needs to get better soon after this…

But as for the match itself, it was a landslide victory where Master Souya defeated Shimada in a score of 4-0.

Despite some attempts by the 8th dan player to turn the match around, Touji Souya was simply too good and thus halted Kai Shimada’s attacks.

As for Shimada, his battle is over as Kai’s dream of staging a shogi match at his hometown of Yamagata is gone! Still, I wish that he’ll be alright as I fear that Shimada’s stomach pain will get worse.

Anyways, the match between Souya and Shimada is finished, but the series will continue on the next 2 episodes…

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