Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen Episode #09

Remember this guy with shades? That’s Yotarou’s brother Kyoji who is drowning his sorrows because his boss Isao Kido was arrested and he’ll serve for 6 years of hard labor.

Now, it would be worse if Isao-san was sentenced to either life imprisonment or even death row, but 6 years in Suzugamori Penitentiary is enough for the yakuza boss. Sadly, the group will either change or disband without him.

Speaking of Yakumo Yurakutei, he has arrived at Suzugamori Penitentiary to perform to the inmates, including Isao Kido who was looking forward for the 8th Generation’s performance before being arrested.

But hey, seems that Isao Kido and his fellow inmates are reduced to tears when hearing Yakumo’s performance.

Well, looks like Isao-san got his wish on seeing Yakumo Yurakutei perform!

On the other hand, seems that Yakumo Yurakutei saw the ghost of Miyokichi as he begs forgiveness during his performance. Good thing he didn’t collapse this time.

Still, he did well at the Suzugamori Penitentiary but Yakumo wanted to end his life while doing what he loved…

In fact, Yakumo Yurakutei performed Shinigami by himself. No audience to look at nor his companions to play the shamisen.

I have to admit that having the 8th Generation Yakumo performing alone is the most surreal thing…

…especially when he saw the ghost of his best friend Shin, also known as the 2nd Generation Sukeroku.

In fact, Sukeroku told Yakumo to throw his candle that holds his soul. Come to think of it, Sukeroku is acting like the Shinigami.

And truth to be told, he’s actually considered as one as the Shinigami pins Yakumo Yurakutei down while the theater is on fire.

Well, Yakumo wanted to end his life along with rakugo, but not like this!

Fortunately, the 3rd Generation Sukeroku managed to rescue his master before the theater is fully-engulfed in flames.

Wow, what a surprising turn of events on this episode! Of course, I’m worried that Yakumo Yurakutei is getting senile and he might be charged with arson, something that Sukeroku doesn’t want that to happen!

For now, the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei is safe but I fear that the next episode would turn into a tragedy…

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