Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #10

This is Tamotsu Denkigai’s friend who just got himself an imagi- I mean, a real girlfriend to show it off.

Naturally, Tamotsu would get pissed and tell this normie friend to blow himself up!

But you know what, if his friend has one, Tamotsu can one him up when he scored a date with Matome Mayonaka!

Well, they’re more like visiting restaurants and eating various dishes because Matome is always hungry. And besides, enjoying food is fun!

Also, both Niwaka and Arisa Ahokainen are looking over them just to make sure that the date goes smoothly. Nice to see them being supportive towards Tamotsu and Matome!

But their date was interrupted when this thug named Black Hole Kurota is gobbling up meals, bankrupting restaurants in the process.

Hmm, I wonder if he’s a Bugged One as well?

In any case, Matome Mayonaka challenged Black Hole Kurota to an eating contest where the loser will pay everything what the winner ordered across restaurants in Akihabara!

Of course, Matome won’t lose to some guy who hogs food all the time!

Eventually, Black Hole Kurota stumbled after eating too much ramen, leaving Matome the clear winner with a single bite lead.

Well, the contest might be neck-to-neck but Mayonaka has won over Kurota! Also, that TV reporter guy is here to congratulate even though he’s working with Metrotica.

But speaking of Black Hole Kurota, he’s revealed to be a Bugged One which is not surprising at all considering that he wants to take over Akiba by eating all of the food!

So out of desperation, he decides to suck everything like a black hole. Get it, black hole? Nah, I’m not good at jokes!

In any case, Tamotsu came up an idea to stop Black Hole Kurota from inhaling people and food by throwing ice into his mouth.

It did work as Kurota froze like a popsicle, which is perfect for Matome to strip his clothes and call it a day.

Well then, I guess this date is over as Akihabara is saved yet again! Of course, the next episode might be another day at the electric city where Metrotica would send some Hazoku or possess someone to take over Akihabara.

Then again, I think the arrival of this character might change that for next week. Will this one be a serious threat to Denkigai Mayonnaise? We’ll find that out…

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