Little Witch Academia Episode #09

This is Headmistress Miranda who is very respectful among witches in Luna Nova. Don’t let her kindness fool you as Miss Miranda wants to foster young talent so that the tradition of witches lives on!

On this week’s episode, Atsuko Kagari and her two friends are on a field trip. Then again, I don’t think this place is good for hanging out as it’s a cemetery!

Oh, and let’s not forget those creepy crawlies like zombies popping out and grabbing people!

Well, it turns out that it’s all Akko’s fault for using magic to accidentally bring back the undead…

…especially this pirate-like guy who is finding someone for revenge. Then again, this undead pirate doesn’t know who that person he’s finding. I guess being 6 feet under got his memories jumbled up!

Still, Akko-chan and her friends couldn’t leave this zombie alone as they decided to help him.

Anyways, they went to a magic shop owned by Chum Lee (Yes, from Pawn Stars fame), where this zombie finds something that give an idea on what he’s looking for!

Eventually, this nameless undead pirate stumbled upon a painting where he recognize the woman and her daughter Miranda.

Also, he blamed the man from the portrait for ruining Miranda’s life as it turns out that her mother was a witch.

Oh and speaking of witches, seems that Akko and Lotte found an invitation letter to Luna Nova. Come to think of it, I wonder if that Miranda girl referred to the current headmistress?

Well, it’s revealed that Miranda’s father made a staff from a bell’s tongue. Not only that, but it’s revealed that the undead pirate is none other than Ms. Miranda’s father.

Gotta say that he was a freakin’ fool for leaving his witch wife and daughter behind. But hey, there’s still time for him to see Miranda again…

So, Akko-chan and her friends transformed the bell into a flying object in hopes of reaching Ms. Miranda before the undead pirate disappears.

Eventually, they finally reached the headmistress but not before making a crash landing.

Good thing Ms. Miranda made a cushion, otherwise she and Ms. Ursula might be dead by now!

But anyways, the undead pirate has finally met his daughter, which Ms. Miranda told her father that she doesn’t resent him after becoming a headmistress of Luna Nova.

Aww, isn’t it sweet that they finally got time to talk before the undead pirate’s time is up!

Yeah, Ms. Miranda won’t forget her father and mother as they’re the ones who turned her into a respectable witch within Luna Nova!

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode. Gotta say that it was an heartwarming end for Episode 9 where Ms. Miranda and her father got to see some magic before saying goodbye, but Akko-chan and her friends will have to do chores since they broke the rules of using magic outside the academy!

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