ChäoS;Child Episode #09

Here’s Senri Minamisawa or should I say Nono Kurusu as she confronts one of the masterminds behind the New Generation Madness murders…

…who turned out to be Serika Onoe. Wait, am I hallucinating that she’s the culprit behind the murders?

Then again, I feel that Serika has some killing intent against Nono or Senri!

In any case, the battle commences as Serika and Senri unleashed their Di-swords towards each other.

I have a bad feeling that it’ll end badly for both of them!

So when Takuru Miyashiro arrived, what he saw has shocked him…

…as Takuru saw Senri or Nono bathe in blood while Serika stands there as the victor.

Takuru tried to ask Serika on why she hurt Nono, but she soon left the scene while Takuru passed out.

Fortunately, Mio Kunosato picked him and Hinae Arimura up, which they eventually stayed at Freesia Offices due to Miyashiro being the prime suspect.

On the other hand, Mio told Takuru that Nono is still alive but what she’s about to tell Miyashiro would shock him. It turns out that Serika Onoe… does not exist at all as it was subconsciously made by Takuru 3 years prior the earthquake. Of course after the earthquake, Takuru’s imaginary friend soon manifested into reality thanks to the awakening of his Gigalomaniac powers through stress and a single wish.

Still, there are questions left unanswered on why she carrying out the murders in the first place unless someone is controlling Serika Onoe. With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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