Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #09

Well, looks like Megumin and Darkness-chan are getting stressed out even though they were supposed to get relaxed after doing various quests.

Of course, the fact that people in Arcanretia are very fanatical about their faith that the visitors are freaked out on their zealous approach!

Meanwhile, here’s some two random adventurers who are cleansing themselves both physically and spiritually.

Also, this is a mixed bath but they don’t mind getting embarrassed.

Then again, there’s Kazuma Satou who stares at them until they leave. Gee Kazuma-san, are you expecting your party members to join in?

I mean, both Megumin and Darkness-chan are at the women’s bath and they don’t want to bathe with Kazuma since he’s a lech!

But that doesn’t stop Kazuma from eavesdropping and peeping at the other side. C’mon, he’ll do anything to see titties!

Of course, Kazuma will get a punch from Darkness-chan so it’s his fault for becoming a voyeur.

Lastly, here’s Aqua where she proclaims that she’s the real goddess and she warns that the demon army is poisoning the hot springs.

What a bold claim from a water goddess turned Kazuma Satou’s bitch!

However, the fanatical Axis Church faithful doesn’t buy to Aqua’s claims as they blame her for turning the sacred hot springs into regular water. Therefore, they decided to purge Aqua because she’s an agent to the demon lord!

Well, that’s sucks for Aqua and her friends but then again, it could be possible that the inhabitants at Arcanretia are actually minions of the demon lord and Aqua is innocent. Then again, we’ll never know…

Anyways, next episode could be the last one unless Kadokawa and Studio DEEN make two more episodes.

Of course, next week will have Kazuma Satou’s party escaping from an angry fundamentalist (and shady) mob!

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