Fuuka Episode #10

Hey everyone, we’re back with Fuuka after a one-week break and as you can see, Fuuka Akitsuki felt pain in her chest that she’s having intimate feelings for Yuu Haruna!

Also, Fuuka-chan has finally finished the lyrics for The Fallen Moon’s original song, but she’s feeling so sad because of Yuu-kun…

…who called her to get down there as he wants to listen the complete song.

Yuu-kun, you’re fuckin’ insensitive even though you don’t know it! Also, you’re still clueless about Fuuka’s feelings!

Still, Fuuka continues to put a smile on her face as she gives the headphones to Yuu-kun and listen the completed song.

Yeah, I guess we’ll leave it here for now but Fuuka needs to tell how she feels to Yuu-kun!

Anyways, it’s time for The Fallen Moon’s first gig as Fuuka Akitsuki goes to the venue on foot.

However, Akitsuki lost her strap and while she’s about to pick it up, Fuuka is about to get run over by a truck.

Oh shit, this can’t end like this!

Meanwhile, the rest of the band have arrived and they’re waiting for their front-woman.

Of course, I fear that Yuu Haruna would receive an emergency call that Fuuka has died!

Fortunately, she miraculously arrived at the live house with some minor scratches here and there. Phew, I thought that Fuuka is a goner…

And now, it’s time for The Fallen Moon to rock it out with some HEDGEHOGS covers before playing their original song.

Gotta say, Fuuka Akitsuki did a great job of making one where she let her feelings out through her song!

Oh yeah, and it looks like the real Tama and Nico are here to watch the live gig. Damn, the whole gang are back!

Lastly, here’s Koyuki Hinashi as she was awed in Fuuka Akitsuki’s singing, especially when Fuuka sang the original composition for her band!

Well then, The Fallen Moon’s first live performance was a success. While the band are planning for another concert, it appears that they won’t have their singer as Fuuka has decided to become a professional solo artist.

You know, I don’t think that Fuuka Akitsuki would become successful if she goes solo. I mean, Fuuka still hasn’t tell directly to Yuu-kun about her true feelings! But anyways, I’ll see you next time as I await the future of Fuuka and her band…

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2 Responses to Fuuka Episode #10

  1. Jade says:

    They took a different route from the manga.

    • benigmatica says:

      Maybe, but I’m not a manga reader so I won’t comment on that… But hey, let’s see if Diomedia can resolve this on the next 2 episodes!

      Still, what a shocker to see Fuuka being hit by a truck and surviving it.

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