Kuzu no Honkai Episode #09

It’s Hanabi Yasuraoka as she’s going to Karuizawa together with Sanae Ebato. C’mon, she needs to freshen up after being rejected by Narumi Kanai!

But for Ecchan however, it’s her opportunity to spend her time with Hana-chan by themselves…

But it would have happened if it wasn’t for Atsuya Kirishima. Well, that’s sucks for Sanae but she can do yuri things to Hanabi when he’s asleep!

Then again, Atsuya warns Hanabi that Sanae is not her toy. C’mon, Ecchan is very vulnerable as one false step would put her into despair.

Anyways, their time spent together in Karuizawa maybe short-lived, but Hanabi and Sanae made memories albeit bitter ones.

Even though they do kinky things in bed, Yasuraoka couldn’t understand Ebato much as her heart is sealed shut. At least Hanabi didn’t toy Ecchan like a certain teacher but if only they become lovers… Alas, they remained friends.

Well then, I’ll see you next week as I end this week’s episode with this final kiss between Sanae Ebato and Hanabi Yasuraoka… in the rain!

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