Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode #09

On this episode, the Rhine Theater is getting worse everyday as the Empire is trying to hold the line until the Republic’s main forces are drawn in, which General Hans von Zettour plans to destroy them in one fell swoop after baiting them.

Even so, the Empire suffered some losses especially the 203rd air mage battalion where Major Tanya Degurechaff’s soldiers are being crippled by airburst rounds!

Still, Major Degurechaff and her battalion are poised to end the war instead of drawing it out, as they’re about to carry a secret mission that will put Republican forces into disarray.

Called Operation: Shock and Awe, Tanya and her hardened mages are tasked to destroy key elements such as enemy headquarters in order to disrupt the Republic’s chain of command and lower their morale. Sounds like an audacious plan fitting for the 203rd air mage battalion!

Of course, they won’t be carrying out in a conventional manner as Dr. Adelheid von Schugel came up with another invention: A rocket called the V-1 which is the precursor to the cruise missile.

However, the V-1 rocket won’t be carrying out explosives similar to the real-life missile from World War 2 as the mad engineer Schugel decided to have the mages as payload. Yeah, he sure smoke more crack than usual, but then again Adelheid von Schugel believes that it’ll work it out because the rockets will be guided by God (or Being X)!

Anyways, I’ll leave this post right here as Tanya Degurechaff and the rest of the 203rd air mage battalion are ready to strike at the enemy by riding V-1 rockets!

I wish them good luck for next week’s episode…

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