Rewrite Episode #22

This episode is brought you by Akane Senri in which she’s catching insects at night… Well, monster-sized bugs that is!

Still, Koutarou Tennouji thinks that it’s dangerous for Akane to go outside and play so he took her home.

Anyways, Koutarou brought Akane back to the orphanage where he was greeted by his former Guardian colleague named Nagai.

Then again, she goes under the name of Tsukuno as her memories were erased by Guardian in hopes that she won’t tell any secrets to Gaia. Then again, Tsukuno is now part of Gaia and she’s now taking care of Akane Senri…

…as well as Chihaya Ohtori who became Akane’s best friend. Glad that Akane is not alone but I’m afraid that she’ll be used by Gaia in the future.

Meanwhile, Shuuichirou Suzaki invited Kouta- I mean “Bond” Suzuki to a secret place, but he needs to be blindfolded because Suzaki doesn’t want Tennouji to know the pathway towards it.

Anyways, Shuuichirou-san calls it the City of Stone where it’s a subterranean city underneath Kazamatsuri.

While there’s no electricity or any modern infrastructure, Suzaki believes that it’ll be essential to his plans for housing some Gaia members and restart civilization. Of course, Sakura Kashima won’t want that to happen unless Shuuichirou-san got his hands on the Key.

Speaking of Sakura Kashima, it looks like she appointed Akane Senri as her successor which isn’t surprising since she took over Akane’s body and completed the destruction of Earth and its inhabitants.

However, it is hinted that Kashima knows what Tennouji is doing. Now it would be scary if Koutarou’s cover is blown as he wants to stop both Guardian and Gaia!

Meanwhile, Kagari is having a fit over Koutarou’s inaction of stopping both factions, as well as some trivial things that inhibit the mission’s success.

So, what is these trivial things that Tennouji-kun has that pissed Kagari off!

Well, it’s actually love as Koutarou is attracted to her and thus shut Kagari up with a kiss to calm her down!

Except that it was actually a bad move from Koutarou Tennouji as Kagari pointed her deadly ribbons at him, telling Koutarou not to follow her as Kagari leaves.

Yikes, that was a scary move by Kagari and Koutarou will be a goner if he goes further! But you know what, would it be better if Tennouji gave her a cup of coffee…

Anyways, I’ll see you next time but I wonder when will this series ends?

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